Food and Drink - Results

Another popular genre was extreme close-ups of fruit and veg. One of the best in this genre was this eye-catching high-key shot from Eyal Darshan of Petah Tiqwa, Israel. I like the lighting and colour, but the composition is a little off. Still makes me want to eat strawberries though.

Another good fruit close-up is this photo from regular competition entrant Les Stow of New Malden, Surrey, UK. It's a fairly simple shot, just an arrangement of slices of orange lit from above, but it is effective nonetheless. However I'd recommend using manual white balance for shots like this.

Also on a generally fruity theme, we received several shots of large piles of fruit at markets or shops. There were a couple of good ones, but the one that stood out was this picture from last month's winner Robert Heverly of Norwich, UK. It was shot on his Nikon D50 and slightly tweaked in Lightroom and Photoshop.


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