Food and Drink - Results

Another theme explored by our entrants was meals arranged as art. The first example of this was from Vito Zgonik of London, UK. The composition and exposure are good, but unfortunately the foreground and background are out of focus. A smaller aperture would have given the shot greater depth of field.

Another arty meal shot from Jeanne Imbrigiotta, our second contestant this month from New Jersey, USA. I like this shot a lot, especially since I noticed that what I had at first glance assumed to be chopsticks appear, on closer inspection, to be pencils.

A third artistic arrangement of comestibles is this shot from David Campbell of Grimsby, UK. Taken using a Canon EOS 20D, it looks like it could have been shot to illustrate a café menu. The lighting of the initial shot is excellent, and the post editing is also very good. The only improvement I can think of would have been to split the word "cappuccino" more evenly between the two cups. As it is that missing "p" is really bugging me.


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