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Evesham Voyager C720 Preview

The Clevo chassis is however, undoubtedly an improvement over the one used for previous hihg-end gaming machines from the likes of Rock and MV. This one is noticeably thinner and sleeker, though at 3.8Kg it’s still no flyweight.

Evesham has chosen an Intel Pentium M 770 running at 2.13GHz to power the machine, backed with two sticks of 512MB DDR II RAM, running at 533MHz. At 80GB, the hard disk capacity is average and while loading benchmarks the optical drive seemed remarkably slow. I was a touch surprised to discover that the GPU is not placed on a removable MXM chip but on a custom third part chip.

The keyboard is notable for having a numeric keypad on the right handside. As a left hander I particularly like this as I use these keys on a regular keyboard for gaming. Another standout feature are the controls at the front for operating CDs. I was told that this will enable you to play discs without booting up the machine, though this wasn’t working on our early sample.

Before we get to the benchmarks, I couldn’t resist actually playing on the machine to see what it could do. I fired up Far Cry and just for the hell of it enabled HDR rendering. Ok, so HDR in Far Cry is a bolted on extra that can be a tad overblown at times, but I’d still rather play with it than without and it looked great on the Evesham even without the X-Bright screen.

The sound output was also very impressive. The speakers are large and run down either side of the machine. When you’re sitting in front of it, you’re pretty much in the perfect position for the stereo effect. Not only is it loud, there was a decent rumble to it too. The only downside was that once the machine got going playing a 3D game, a noisy fan would start whirring away to keep things cool.

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