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Epson Asia Trip 2008

As well as this rather interesting new take on the home projector, Epson also had a couple of more conventional models on show.

First is the EH-TW420, a 720p resolution model that uses Epson's 3LCD technology (Epson exclusively uses LCDs as opposed to DLP or LCOS) and is targeted at the more casual viewer and gaming market. It features a 2000 ANSI lumens lamp for a great viewing experience even in daylight - a likely scenario for children playing multiplayer games during the day - and includes a 7W speaker so it's nearly an all-in-one entertainment system.

Inputs include VGA, HDMI, and S-Video and there's even an SD card slot for viewing photos straight from your camera. The MSRP is £649 so, again, it's quite expensive compared to a cheap TV but you are getting a potentially much bigger screen and greater versatility.

The cornerstone of this new range of Epson projectors, though, is the flagship EH-TW5000. This £2,399 beast is a true home cinema offering that includes full 1080p resolution, HQV video processing, 12-bit video processing, ISF certification for professional calibration, super quiet 22dB operation, a wealth of connectivity options including 2xHDMI v1.3, 120Hz processing for improved motion processing and a whole host of other truly high-end features.

Chief amongst the EH-TW5000's features, though, is Epson's new DeepBlack technology that uses subtle improvements in the light filtering process to enable black levels to be significantly improved without compromising on overall brightness. We were shown a demo of this with the EH-TW5000 lined up against four competitor's projectors and the difference was quite marked. Of course, all such demonstrations must be taken with a pinch or two of salt but we were assured that all the projectors were configured to the best of there abilities.

So, there we have it. A completely new range of projectors that will be hitting retail shelves in the next couple of months and they all look genuinely exciting. Let's just hope when we get them in for a proper look they hold up to our scrutiny. Now, if you don't mind I must get back to mastering my Nigiri Sushi.

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