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Elonex Media Center Preview

Of course it was no coincidence that one of the show homes at the Ideal Home Show was populated with Elonex kit. Elonex has partnered itself with a company called Abrocour, which is in the business of creating networked environments in new houses.

Abrocour is offering house builders the option of purchasing a package called Openhome which includes a 1Mbit/sec ADSL line, a preinstalled wireless network and a wireless home monitoring and alarm system. On top of this Abrocour will throw in a Media Center PC, which is where Elonex comes in with it’s new large screen solution.

Abrocour will provide tailored menus for its customers.

Via a Media Center interface, Abrocour will also supply “on-demand” content for all its customers, with a number of key partners, as well as all the usual benefits associated with a wireless broadband connection. Abrocour is trying to include wireless networking and broadband into peoples’ lives without the complications of installation and setup. As I’ve always said, everyone needs wireless networking in their home, they just don’t know they need it.

Targeted content will make it easy for users to find what they want from their sofas.

Unfortunately Abrocour is only offering its services to new home developers at present and not consumers, but it may expand into the consumer market at a later date.

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