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Elonex Media Center Preview

Obviously at this stage, specifications are subject to change, but Elonex is planning to make this device an all rounder. So you should expect solid performance for AV as well as decent frame rates when playing games.

The way Media Center was meant to be seen.

By using a standard motherboard Elonex has ensured good connectivity with an integrated Ethernet adapter. But of course Elonex hasn’t stopped there, and has included integrated WiFi functionality as well. Having WiFi onboard was one of the best points on the eXentia as well, allowing you to download all the EPGs for full Media Center functionality. Plus, with a wireless connection to your broadband service you can browse the web from the comfort of your sofa on a large screen, rather than sitting in front of your PC.

With a screen this big it's far easier to find Nemo.

The screen that I saw had integrated stereo speakers which were a bit tinny sounding, but Elonex will no doubt address this issue if the sound on the eXentia is anything to go by. On the whole it looks like Elonex will be taking Media Center onto the next level in the coming months.

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