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Elonex Media Center Preview


Elonex Media Center Preview - Exclusive

It’s been quite a while since I looked at the Elonex eXentia Media Center PC and it’s still the definitive solution for anyone who wants to invest in Microsoft’s new entertainment based OS. However, Elonex hasn’t been sitting back on its laurels waiting for the competition to catch up. Instead it’s been investing a lot of research and development into the expansion of its Media Center range.

While I was visiting the Ideal Home Show in London, I noticed that one of the show homes had been completely kitted out in Elonex Media Center systems. In the study was an eXentia wowing the crowds as normal, while in the kitchen was a Prosentia with a touch sensitive screen (there will be a review of this one very soon).

The eXentia in its natural habitat.

But without a doubt the most impressive piece of kit in the house was a 32in widescreen LCD display with an integrated Media Center PC. Now looking at this screen it is no thicker than any other large format LCD, and to be fair it shouldn’t be. Basically Elonex has taken a totally standard LCD screen and somehow managed to shoehorn a PC into the chassis.

Media Center in your living room.

Obviously this is a prototype but Elonex has every intention of marketing this amazing entertainment centre. What Elonex is offering is pretty much the ultimate Media Center incarnation. Simply hang this screen on your wall and your entire living room entertainment system is contained in one box. Using a wireless keyboard and mouse along with the ubiquitous Media Center remote, you can do anything from browsing the Internet to recording the new series of 24.

Elonex has managed to keep the chassis thin despite all the kit inside.

Amazingly, Elonex is using a full size motherboard and even a 3.5in hard disk inside this system. The big issue was obviously cooling, but after fitting a few strategically placed fans, Elonex managed to keep the heat under control. If ever there was a burn in test, having the system running all day for a month at the Ideal Home Show was it. So it should function without any problems in a home environment.

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