Elonex Lumina

Don’t go thinking that because Elonex has squeezed a PC into such a svelte and stylish box, that it will be cut-down and under powered, far from it. If you happened to crack the Lumina open, you’d find a 3.0GHz Intel Pentium 4 CPU, 512MB of RAM and a 200GB hard disk. Also in evidence is a slot loading DVD writer, that’s mounted vertically on the right of the chassis. Mirroring the DVD writer on the left of the chassis is an 8-in-1 memory card reader, for transferring your photos into the My Pictures section of Media Center.

There’s an integrated Ethernet adapter of course, but more impressive is the integrated 802.11a/b/g wireless adapter. The latter means that you will be able to keep the Lumina connected to your broadband service, without any need for trailing CAT5 cable across your home.

There’s a wireless keyboard and mouse thrown in for good measure, with the receiver integrated into the chassis of the Lumina, so there are no cables hanging from USB ports. While the Media Center remote control, communicates via the integrated infrared receiver, located on the front fascia, just below the Elonex badge.

The screen itself is a pretty good one, and will give you a native resolution of 1,336 x 1,050, which is more than high enough for a Windows environment as well as a Media Center one. So, if you wanted to shut Media Center down and do some full screen web browsing or even word processing and spreadsheet work.

There are stereo speakers integrated into the Lumuna – these are mounted below the screen, rather than at the sides as was the case with the prototype. This makes the whole unit seem smaller, without having to compromise on integrated sound.

In use the Lumina was pretty impressive, despite the fact that the one I saw is not a final production unit. In fact, the production Lumina will be even better than the one in these pictures, since Elonex has decided to go for a 32in screen, instead of the 30in one shown here.

Although retail pricing hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, Elonex is predicting a price of around £2,500. Considering you’re getting a 32in flat screen display, with a built-in Media Center PC, all wrapped up in a super stylish package, that price doesn’t seem astronomical.

I should be receiving a full production version of the Lumina in the next couple of weeks, and am looking forward to putting it through its paces in my living room. Now, if I can just convince Elonex to let it stay there….

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