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Editor's Update


Editor's Update

I'm always wary of editors' updates. As an editor myself, writing them takes me away from the business of running a publication, and as a reader it's time not enjoying actual content.

Articles written by editors are often follies if not whims of self-indulgent fancy which fill readers with trepidation as they approach the words in the way they would a Mick Jagger solo album. Despite that, it falls to me to tell you what's going on here at TrustedReviews.

We have increased not only the amount of content we produce, but also the variety. As well as publishing a steady output of the most desirable personal technology around, we have written articles aimed at a wide consumer market and audience.

We have published roundups on the best value HD televisions, a buyer's guide for the iPad, a list of the best apps on the iPhone OS and Android; and we ran some fun content, including opinion pieces about the iPad alongside games reviews.

We also started a podcast which after two episodes had more than a thousand subscribers and is growing fast. You can subscribe via the RSS feed or in iTunes.

We added a widget to all our news and reviews pages which links through to our latest content. We have a Facebook "like" button to make it easier for you to share our content online. We have increased the number of updates on our Twitter feed to keep you up to date with planned features as well as find out your opinions on personal technology.

And we have continued to deliver an excellent news service during an exciting time in the industry.

Our latest addition is the arrival of Jack Schofield, who joins us from the Guardian where in his role of Computer Editor he established himself as one of the UK's foremost technology journalists. It's with a sense of both professional pride and triumph that I welcome Jack amid my esteemed colleagues.

Does it stop there? Um, no. There are plenty of challenges ahead, including technical development and innovation on our website, both of which we are working on to deliver the best site in its class.

We're working on a number of editorial strategies including new video formats and social media development so you can enjoy and share TrustedReviews with your friends as well as interact with the team here and our audience.

We're talking to our colleagues in other publications across IPC to bring you articles of interest to you, our readers.

Finally, and by no means as an afterthought, we're listening to you and acting on your feedback. It's encouraging to hear your praise and important to heed your criticism as we make our (although really I should say your) site better.

Watch this space. Well, not this space, exactly. This is just an editor's update - the real content is on the homepage.

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