Title and Deed

Title and Deed

Now you have spruced up the look of your clips with filters and added transitions to mark the passage of time. Just a couple more stages are left before we can output the final production to its destination format. The first of these is adding text, including an opening title to introduce the piece, captions explaining certain locations or introducing people, and then rolling credits at the end.

The penultimate entry under Edit (or Edit Movie under Windows XP) calls a list of options for all these types of titles. For opening titles or end credits, simply click these options and follow the wizard. But for titles between clips (called intertitles) or text superimposed over a clip, select a clip first.

You will then be asked to type some text into the box.

Click on the ‘Change the text font and colour', under ‘More options' to alter your title's formatting. You can use any font on your system, make the text bold, italic or underlined, choose a colour and transparency level, plus alter size and position.

You can also pick an animation style for your title. There are a plethora of these to choose from, for all manner of text effects. For example, to create rolling credits, simply type the list of participants in the initial text box and choose the Scroll option for the style you want.

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