Smooth Transitions

Smooth Transitions

WMM also has over 60 transitions on offer. These are special effects which lead one clip to another, sometimes called wipes. Unless you add one of these between two clips you will get a straight cut where one clip switches abruptly to the next. This is still the most common kind of transition, as we now expect it to represent a simple sequential change in camera view without a shift in time. More extravagant transitions generally signify breaks in time, although none of these rules are set in stone.

With the interface in Storyboard mode, adding a transition couldn't be easier. Simply drag a transition from the library to the icon between each clip. Effects range from simple dissolves to elaborate 3D page curls.

As with the filter effects, you can't change any settings with transitions, but you can alter the duration. In order to do this, you need to switch to Timeline mode. The video track will now have a + symbol next to the word Video. Click on this to expand the strip and reveal the transitions.

You can now drag your transitions longer or shorter. However, as with filter effects, don't get carried away with wacky transitions. Stick to cuts as much as possible.

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