Rock Band 3 & Best Games of E3

The Games

For us, the other big story of E3 was Rock Band 3. Whereas the Guitar Hero franchise is off in a more fantastic direction with the Heavy Metal-themed Warriors of Rock, Rock Band 3 is going even more authentic, adding keyboards and a seven player full band mode to the game, and adding an ambitious Rock Band Pro mode to the mix.

Players who choose to play in Rock Band Pro mode – and one of the joys of the new game is its more flexible approach to player options, set lists and general gameplay – can work with a full two-octave keyboard or new, ultra-realistic guitars, including one which is effectively a real Stratocaster guitar. At easier difficulty levels you’ll only play a subset of notes and chords in the song, but at the Expert levels you’ll actually be playing the real thing. The idea is to give Rock Band fans a way forwards towards playing for real, while still supporting those who just want to pretend to be in a band and have a laugh.

Other favourites of the show would have to include:


iD Software’s first new franchise in years, and a genuinely breathtaking slice of post-apocalyptic, mutant-blasting mayhem.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Electronic Arts and the Burnout team at Criterion revitalize the franchise with a cops vs racers speed-fest with brilliant integrated online support.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

A direct sequel to Assassin’s Creed 2, setting master assassin Ezio on a mission to recruit a brotherhood of killers on the mean streets of Renaissance Rome.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

A compelling three-quel for the classic PC RPG shooter, set in a dark near future where the human race is getting to grips with cybernetic augmentation for the first time.

Epic Mickey

Fittingly, Deus Ex’s creator, Warren Spector, returns with what looks like a family friendly Mickey Mouse platformer, but turns out to be a smart take on Disney myth with some surprisingly rich game mechanics.


Ultra-violent FPS where you get points for spectacularly tasteless skill-kills. The game your inner 15 year old will want this Christmas.

Gears of War3 and Killzone 3

Two huge sci-fi shooters, two console exclusives, two of the most spectacular games ever made.

Dead Space 2

Engineer Isaac Clarke returns in the sequel to the most brilliant survival horror game of this generation. Expect shocks, scares and some truly hideous necromorphs in a mining city on the fringes of the galaxy.

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