NEC ND-4550A

I decided to throw some DVD-RAM testing into the mix too, since both the NEC and LG drives now support the format. I’m still a firm believer in DVD-RAM, as long as you use it as it was intended – like a removable hard disk. With this in mind I simply dragged and dropped a large 4.3GB file to a 5x DVD-RAM disc. Now, the time of 26 minutes may seem slow by DVD burning standards, but with DVD-RAM you’re going to be dropping files and pulling them off randomly, with no need for any extra burning software – ultimately this makes the format pretty easy to use, just like a hard disk.

Despite NEC being the new boy when it comes to DVD-RAM, the ND-4550A still managed to leave the LG drive in its wake, and when you look at the total time of ALL the tests, the NEC is just under half and hour faster than the LG. Where the LG does get one over on the NEC is when it comes to disc labelling, since the LG supports LightScribe – that said, the lack of LightScribe is about the only criticism that can be levelled at the ND4550A.

NEC only sent me a bare drive, but I haven’t found anyone selling a retail box anyway. However, as a bare drive the NEC ND-4550A can be yours for as little as £31! That’s a truly amazing price for a class leading device like this – my advice, go and snap one up right now.


The NEC ND-4550A is the best DVD writer on the market bar none. If it had LightScribe support this drive would have scored straight tens, but even taking that into account, the ND-4550A still walks away with the Editor’s Choice award.

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