Toshiba SD-R5472

During the testing the Toshiba also failed to complete the 8.1GB burn of digital images to DVD-R DL media. To be fair the drive managed to complete the test on the second attempt, but when you’re writing masses of data to expensive media, the last thing you want is for the job to fail right at the end and leave you with a pricey coaster.

The Toshiba comes with an impressive retail bundle. In the box you’ll find a quick start guide, a CD with drivers and manuals, a copy of Nero OEM Suite, a set of mounting screws and most importantly, an IDE cable. I’m a firm believer that a retail boxed optical drive should ship with an IDE cable, since there’s no guarantee that the person buying it will have one.

When it comes to price the Toshiba is pretty reasonable considering the specification, performance and the retail bundle. At £41 the SD-R5472 represents pretty good value and if it wasn’t for the existence of the NEC ND-4550A, it could well have walked away with an award.


The Toshiba SD-R5472 is a good DVD writer with a solid retail bundle and decent performance. But when you consider that the NEC is faster, cheaper and more versatile, the Toshiba just loses out.

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