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DVD Writer Group Test Christmas 2003

It was only a few weeks ago that we did a DVD writer roundup, but already the office cupboard was filling up with drives that didn’t make it into the last test.

This is more of a small roundup with five drives trying to prove that they’re better than the winners from the last test.

What’s really amazing is how much the cost of DVD writers has dropped in the few weeks since our last test. It now appears that you’d be foolish to pay over £100 for a drive, unless you’re looking for a seriously fast unit from Plextor of course. Even the award winning LG GSA-4040B from the last test can be found for under £100 in full retail dress.

We’ve still yet to see any drives other than the Plextor PX-708A that can write at eight-speed, but most manufacturers have got eight-speed units waiting just around the corner.

One difference in this test is that we were able to find four-speed DVD+RW media, which gave the BenQ a chance to show itself off a little. But since none of the other drives on test were four-speed rated, the DVD+RW tests proved to be a bit of a one horse race.

Talking of high-speed media, as soon as we get our hands on some eight-speed DVD+R media we’ll be testing the Plextor PX-708A again to show how it would perform with the right speed DVD+R and +RW media. By that time there will probably be more eight-speed drives available, so expect yet another roundup in the not too distant future.

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