The Finished Product

The Finished Product

The choice of the actual album is largely a matter of how much you or your client wish to spend. You can get some beautiful hand-made, leather-bound luxury albums that cost over £100, however if you're on a tighter budget WH Smith do some very nice wedding albums complete with presentation box for around £20. If you look around online you should be able to find something suitable from places such as Kiki James or Heritage Photo Albums, with prices averaging around £50-£60 for a 40-sheet album with a page size big enough for prints up to 8 x 12 inches. You can also buy matching CD/DVD cases.

Mounting the finished prints in the album is a time-consuming task, but it pays to take your time and do a good job. The best options for picture mounting are either self-adhesive photo corners or invisible mounts, small squares of double-sided adhesive tape. Photo corners definitely look classier, and do have the advantage that photos can be removed and rearranged, but they are much more fiddly to apply.

Before you start sticking pictures to pages, lay out the photos in the order that they will be going into the album. Smaller 6 x 4 inch prints can go in two to a page, but try to intersperse them with larger prints. You may also want to put a large print on the first page, such as one of the romantic after-the-ceremony shots, or the couple walking down the aisle hand in hand. Arrange the pictures so that they tell the story of the wedding day, from the preparations in the morning, through to the ceremony, the reception and the couple leaving on their honeymoon.

Without wishing to get too Blue Peter about it, arranging and mounting the photos in the album is a matter of common sense. Lay the pictures out on the page before sticking them down, to get an idea of the right sized margins and the space between pictures. Use a ruler to make sure that the prints line up with the edges of the page, and if necessary make faint pencil marks on the page to help you line up the larger prints. Make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling the album; the last thing you want is grubby finger marks on its pristine pages. Similarly avoid finger marks on the prints when you're pressing them down.

You can also include a CD or DVD containing the photos, which you can either put in a disk envelope and stick inside the back cover of the album using photo mounts, or buy a matching disk case to present along with the album. Finally it's a nice gesture to include a couple of free larger prints as well, suitable for framing. You might even want to include a framed print, and a couple of smaller wallet-sized prints as well. They are sure to be appreciated, and goodwill and word of mouth is the best form of advertising. If your experience hasn't put you off the whole idea of marriage for ever, you could find yourself with a nice little side line once word gets around.


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