Social networking sites

Social Networking sites

A recent phenomena is the explosive growth in the popularity of "social networking" sites, in particular MySpace and Facebook. MySpace seems to be last year's news, with Facebook having taken over as the place where all the cool kids hang out, and when it comes to photo sharing it's easy to see why.

Uploading photos to MySpace had the same problems as Zoomr, with a slow and unreliable Flash-based multi-file uploader, that refused to work properly in my web browser (Firefox, not exactly an uncommon program), or a much slower single-file uploader with a maximum file size of only 1.2MB.

Facebook on the other hand uses a much faster and more browser-friendly Java-based multi-file uploader which worked perfectly. Photos on Facebook can be organised into albums and shared with your friends and other members of your social network, who can leave comments on them. Photos are automatically resized to approximately 600 x 450 (the same size as the screenshots in this article) and a file size of around 200KB for faster uploading and viewing, but prints can be ordered online via an optional Facebook app.


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