Other image hosting sites


Another photo sharing site gaining in popularity is Zoomr, which was launched in 2006 and now has over 50,000 users. It is similar to Flickr in many ways, including an apparent dislike of the letter 'e'.

Although it has received a lot of publicity recently, it lacks many of the features that make Flickr so user-friendly, and also lacks any sort of licensing structure. Zoomr seems to be trying to bring more of a Facebook-style social networking theme to photo sharing, but despite the rather contrived chattiness of the interface, I found the process of uploading and sharing my photos to be very slow and clumsy, and the Flash-based multi-file uploader page didn't appear to work properly in my Firefox web browser, which meant I could only upload my pictures one at a time, a very slow process when dealing with a few dozen 6MB images from my digital SLR.

Image hosting sites

If you're mainly looking for somewhere to upload your photos for inclusion on a message boards or internet forum, there are many other photo-hosting sites available, some offering just a basic stripped-down service, while others offer more features, including shareable albums and a range of copy-and-paste tags for showing your pictures on web pages. One popular image hosting site is Photobucket, which like most offers a basic free service with limited image sizes and storage capacity, and a premium account with unlimited uploads and larger file sizes.

Sites of this type will often limit the length of time for which they will host images on free accounts, and may also limit the bandwidth available for viewing each image, so if a lot of people view a particular photo it may suddenly disappear when the bandwidth limit is reached.

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