Photo Printing Pt. II

Now we need to shrink the upper image layer a bit so that we can see the edges of the white layer beneath it. First, activate the image layer by clicking on it in the layer palette. Then go to the image menu, move your mouse over Transform, and select Free Transform.

At the top of the screen you'll see the tool options for the Free Transform function. Uncheck the box for Constrain Proportions, and then change the percentage values in the Width (W) and Height (H) boxes. Since the aspect ratio of the picture is roughly 3:2, you'll have to alter the height by half-again as much as the width to achieve a border of uniform size. In this case, changing the width to 98 percent and the height to 97 percent produces a nice sized border, although feel free to experiment. You can change the colour of the border by activating the white layer (Layer 1) and using the Fill Layer option again.

When you're happy with the results, flatten the image (Layer > Flatten Image) and save it. If you followed both parts of this tutorial, you now have a picture which, when printed as a full-sized borderless print, will have a neat two-tone border.


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