Photo Printing Pt. II

Although borderless prints look nice, sometimes a simple border can enhance the appearance of an image. This is also the case when showing pictures on a website. There are several ways to do this, but some are better than others. The simplest way is to just add a "Stroke" to the image. The first step is to make your image into a layer. Click on the Layer menu, move the mouse pointer over New, and select Layer from Background…

In the Edit menu, select Stroke (Outline) Selection. A new dialogue window will appear with the parameters for the outline that will be created. For an image this size a black border 10 pixels wide will be sufficient, but of course you can set any colour or size you want. Click on the Inside button for position, because if it's outside it will beyond the borders of the frame. Click OK and you'll see a black border appear around your picture.

An even nicer effect is to add a second, slightly wider white border outside the black one, but we'll do this a slightly different way. The black stroke border has already stolen a small amount of the edge of the image, and we don't want to lose any more. First we need a new layer. Click on the Layer menu and select New. This will create a new empty layer the same size as the existing canvas. It will appear in the layer palette as Layer 1 (your original image should be Layer 0)

Next, with the new layer active, go to the Edit menu and select Fill Layer. In the dialogue window, select White from the "Use:" drop down menu, make sure that blending is set to normal and opacity is at 100 percent, and click OK. The layer will be filled with plain white, and since it is the top layer your picture will disappear. Don't worry, it's still there.

To see your picture again, you need to change the order of the layers to bring the one with the image to the top. It's very easy, just go to the layer palette on the right of the screen and drag Layer 1 downwards, so that it moves below Layer 0.

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