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Tutorial: How To Take Better Digital Photos


Digital Photography Tutorial Index

Camera Basics

Understanding exposure

A very important tutorial for anyone who's just bought their first manual-exposure camera.

Aperture and depth of field

Find out what all those F-numbers are for, and how to use them.

Focal length explained

Use your zoom control creatively to alter angle and perspective.

Shutter speed and camera shake

Take better pictures of moving objects without the blur.

Spot metering

Use spot metering to take more accurate exposure.

Basic flash techniques

Use an add-on flashgun to improve your indoor photography.

Cold weather care

How to keep your camera shooting in freezing weather.

Wet weather survival

Don't let the rain stop you taking photos.


Photography Techniques

Our beginner's guide to nature and wildlife photography.

Wildlife Part 1

Choosing the right gear, setting up your studio, and some basic portrait lighting techniques.

Home Studio Part 1

Home Studio Part 2

Sooner or later someone will ask you to shoot their wedding.

Weddings Pt. 1 - Planning and preparation

Weddings Pt. 2 - On the day

Weddings Pt. 3 - Printing and making the album

Learn the secrets of successful landscape photography with this extended three-part tutorial.

Landscape photography Pt. 1 - Depth of field and Hyperfocal distance

Landscape photography Pt. 2 – Preparation

Landscape photography Pt. 3 – Composition

The secrets of good composition, with hardly any maths involved.

Composition pt. 1

Composition pt. 2


Some tips on photographing fireworks.

How to photograph flowers

Some hints and tips for nature photography.

Holiday photography - Hints and Tips

How to take better holiday snaps this year, plus a few things you didn't know about travel insurance.

Spring photo tips

Some handy hints and tips for the new snapshot season.


Take professional-looking portraits at home without spending a fortune on lighting equipment.

Macro photography

Most digital cameras can take extreme close-ups. Here's how to get the best from it.

Snow scenes

Snow can confuse your camera's light meter. Here's how to cope with it.

Panorama stitching

Capture wide open spaces by joining several photos together.

Composite images

Use high-speed continuous shooting and multiple layers to make striking composites.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

HDR photography is all the rage at the moment. Here's how those distinctive-looking images are made.

Shooting for online auctions

Selling all your old junk on eBay is a lot cheaper than hiring a skip to throw it in. Make sure it sells with professional-looking photos.

Shooting for photo libraries

Make a bit of spare cash from your photos.

Concert photography

Feel the warm thrill of confusion, and try to get a photo of that space cadet glow while you're at it.

Shooting in Infrared

Shoot Victorian graveyards in atmospheric spook-o-vision and be the envy of all the other Goth kids. Derek Acorah not included.


Camera Technology Explained

Image Compression

Find out why your camera has different quality settings, and how they affect your pictures.

Rechargeable Batteries

How rechargeable batteries work, and why they stop working.

Image Noise and Noise Reduction

What causes image noise, and how you can reduce it.

Using Camera Raw

Your camera's Raw mode and how to use it for better photos.

Camera sensors explained

Find out why more megapixels isn't always a good thing.

Memory cards explained

Confused by all the different sizes and formats of memory card?

Zoom lenses explained

How zoom lenses work.


GPS receivers are already in our cars and our mobile phones, and now they're in our cameras too.

Chromatic Aberration

Chromatic aberration is a problem for many compact camera lenses.


Share Your Photos

Picture Framing

By popular request, a guide to framing your digital prints.

Sharing your photos online

Use online photo sharing sites to show your pictures to the world.

Create your own website

How to make your own photo gallery website. It's a lot easier than you might think, and it's free!


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