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Digital Photography Feature - Geotagging

So, armed with a few grand's worth of assorted cameras and satellite tracking technology, I managed to find the only day in 2009 when it was nether snowing nor raining, and set off for the afternoon to Haldon Forest, a forestry commission-owned area near Exeter set aside mainly for recreational activities such as cycling, but also home to a few well-known landmarks. I picked it mainly because it's very easy to spot these landmarks on satellite images, so I'd be able to judge how accurately the GPS devices were able to fix the location.

First I checked out the off-road mountain biking trail, because I was hoping to get some good action shots to try out the EOS 5D MkII, but I think it was still too cold for most of the riders, because I only saw a handful of people trying out the course, but I did find some nice views across the Exe valley, so it wasn't an entirely wasted trip.

Next I drove a couple of miles up the road to one of the best-known landmarks in the area, the bizarre triangular tower of Lawrence Castle, which stands on the top of a high ridge and is visible for miles around. This was a lot more successful, with some nice landscape shots, some good views of the tower itself, and the added bonus of some horse riders. I took a couple of dozen pictures with all four cameras,

Getting back home, I set about matching up the photos with their appropriate GPS data.. The pictures from the Nikon D90 and GP-1 already had the GPS data embedded, so it was simply a matter of downloading them onto the computer. The ATP PhotoFinder base unit read the card from the Olympus and added GPS data to those pictures, and the software supplied with the Jobo photoGPS did the same for the pictures from the Canon, also adding useful details such as the street name, town, county and country, and arguably less useful information such as the distance to various local amenities, although this option can be turned off.

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