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IMPORTANT - Please read the following page carefully


The theme for this month's competition is MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT. As usual you are free to interpret this theme in any way you want, but do at least try to sort of vaguely follow it.


Entries for this month's competition should arrive no later than SEPTEMBER 30TH 2009.


Simply send us ONE (and only one) photograph which you think best expresses the theme for the month. The photograph must be wholly your own work, and you must legally hold the copyright to it. Anyone caught stealing images from other sources will be loaded into a giant cannon and fired into the sun. They will also be disqualified and banned from entering future competitions.

Images must be submitted in JPEG format, they must be at least 600 pixels wide, and the total file size must be no larger than three megabytes. If your picture is too big it's better to reduce the image size than to increase the compression.

You can edit, improve, adjust or alter your photo in any way you like. Composite images made using an image editing program are acceptable, as long as they are made predominantly from photographs, and that all parts of the image are wholly your own work.

The images displayed on the results page are only 600 pixels wide, so it's a good idea to avoid adding wide frames or borders, and very wide panoramic or photo-stitched pictures seldom look good when reduced to fit the page. Please don't put time-stamps, watermarks or large signatures on the photo, although you may add contact and copyright information into the EXIF data for the image if you wish. Don't worry; we won't steal your work!


When you've got a nice picture ready to send, here's what you need to do:

  • Save your picture in JPEG format.

  • Make sure your picture is at least 600 pixels wide, but has a file size less than 3MB.

  • Re-name the image file to your name with an underscore between first and second names, such as "Joe_Bloggs.jpg" for example.

  • Start a new email to

  • Put the word Entertainment in the subject line of the email.

  • In the body text of the email, put your postal address, what type of memory card you'd like to receive (SD, CompactFlash etc.), and a daytime contact telephone number. This is very important; you can't receive a prize if we don't know where to send it, and the company sending out the prizes needs the phone number so that they can contact you to arrange delivery. Don't worry, I despise telemarketers just as much as you do and I promise not to give them your number.

  • If you could write a brief description of your photo, just 10-20 words or so, including what kind of camera and lens you used to take it, it would be appreciated, although this is not essential and your photo will not be marked down if you don't do this. It just makes the results page a bit more interesting.

  • Add your competition photo as an attachment to your email and send it in.

Any questions?

If you want to discuss the competition, or have any questions about the rules or how to enter, follow the link below to the forum page, or feel free to ask questions in the comments section on the next page.

We reserve the right to publish a selection of the best entries in the competition results update a few days after the closing date, but all other rights remain with the photographer, and you have my word that we will not use your pictures for any other purpose without your written permission.


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