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Photo Competition - September Results

The main advantage of a digital SLR is the creative scope of its manual exposure controls, allowing shots that would be virtually impossible to take using a compact camera. A good example is this excellent shot from John Jones of Tamworth, Staffordshire. He used his Canon Rebel Xti, better known on this side of the Atlantic as the EOS 400D. Using an exposure of 20 seconds at f/4 he simply flashed coloured lights on the wall behind the guitar. The well-balanced close up composition adds to the impact.

Another excellent close up study here, this time from Tony Einfeldt of Prince George, British Colombia, Canada. In case anyone doesn't recognise it, it's the top of a studio microphone. Tony used a Nikon D80 with a 70-300mm lens. I can't improve on Tony's own description: " I just like the texture."

Another D80 user, and another unusual but excellent close-up, from Kelly Drever of Kirkwall, on the beautiful island of Mainland Orkney. She used her Nikon to take a shot of her husband trying out his new guitar. Orkney was ruled by Norway for several centuries, which probably explains the Norse runes on the wedding ring. Or maybe Kelly and her husband just really like JRR Tolkien?


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