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Digital Photography Competition


Digital Photography Competition - Round Two

Seconds Out: Round Two

The first month of our ongoing Digital Photography competition is finally over, and it’s been a huge success, with far more entries than we expected and most of a very high standard. We’ll be judging the June entries this week, and we’ll announce a winner for the first monthly prize next Sunday, but in the meantime we have to give you the theme for July.


The theme for July is “TRANSPORT”, and the closing date for submissions is July 31st.


Please write this down somewhere in large letters, because a number of the people submitting entries in June seemed to have missed the fact that this competition even has a theme.

A prize every month

Just to recap in case you missed it last month, we will be running a photography competition that will give you the chance to show off your best photos, and to win some very nice prizes. Each month we’ll announce a new theme and a closing date, and then you’ll have one month to take a photo on that theme. After the closing date, our panel of expert judges will pick a winner, who will receive a prize package from leading memory card manufacturer SanDisk, consisting of a superb high-speed 2GB Extreme III memory card in the format of your choice, plus a versatile 12-in-1 memory card reader.

But that’s not all! At the end of the year, which will be May 2008, we’ll have the grand final, which will be an especially challenging assignment. Thanks to Fujifilm, the winner of the final will receive the awesome Finepix S9600, our highest-scoring review camera ever!*

How to enter

Simply send us one photograph which you think best captures the theme for the month. The photograph must be your own work, and you must legally hold the copyright to it (so no copying photos out of magazines or nicking them from other websites!). So as to level the playing field a bit and not hand an overwhelming advantage to those of you with digital SLRs, and also to prevent our email system from exploding, the image file size may be no larger than 3.0 megabytes, although I would like to see pictures that are at least 800 pixels wide. You can edit, improve or alter your photo in any way you like.

When you’ve got a nice picture ready to send, here’s what you need to do:

*Make sure your picture is at least 800 pixels wide, but less than 3MB.

* Re-name the image file to your name with an underscore between first and second names, so it’s “Joe_Bloggs.jpg”

*Start a new email, to photos@trustedreviews.com.

*Put the word “Transport” in the subject line of the email.

*In the body text of the email, put your postal address, and what type of memory card you’d like to receive. This is very important; you can’t receive a prize if we don’t know where to send it.

*Add your picture as an attachment to this email.

*Click “Send”.

Any questions?

If you want to discuss the competition, or have any questions about the rules or how to enter, follow the link below to the forum page.


This month’s theme

Your theme for the month of July is "TRANSPORT".

Closing date

Entries for this month’s competition should arrive no later than July 31st 2007, so you’ve got a month from today to get snapping.


* In the event that the S9600 has been replaced in Fuji’s model range by May next year, Fuji has agreed to provide its successor (which is also sure to be a great camera) as a prize instead.




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