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Digital Photography Competition - April


Digital Photography Competition - Round Eleven

Our March theme "Reflection" was one of the most popular so far, with nearly double the usual number of entrants and many exceptionally good submissions. You've only got one more day to get your entries in for March, but in the meantime here's our competition theme for April.


The theme for April is "PORTRAITS", and the closing date for submissions is APRIL 30th 2008.


The Prizes

Just to recap in case you've kidnapped by aliens from Zeta Reticuli and imprisoned on Planet X for the last ten months, we are running a regular monthly photography competition that will give you the chance to show off your best photos, and to win some very nice prizes. Each month we'll announce a new theme and a closing date, and then you'll have one month to submit a photo on that theme. After the closing date we'll compare all the entries and pick the winners. Prizes are awarded to the the overall winner and also for the two runners-up.

The first prize will be a top-quality 2GB Optima memory card from PNY Technologies, and a £50 voucher from online printing specialists Photobox, which you can spend on a range of printing services, as well as stylish albums and other photography gifts. The two runners up will each receive a 1GB PNY Optima memory card and a £25 Photobox voucher. The winning entries and a selection of the best of the other entries will be published here on TrustedReviews shortly after the closing date.

But that's not all! Next month (May) is the last phase of this year's competition, when we'll be having the grand final, which will be an especially challenging assignment. Thanks to Fujifilm, the winner of the final will receive the awesome Finepix S9600, our highest-scoring review camera ever!*

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