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Photo Competition - November Results

Anyway, enough with the bug pictures; it's time we moved on to a different phylum with some great photos of birds. The first is this terrific shot of everyone's favourite seabird the Atlantic Puffin collecting nest-building material, sent in by regular entrant Nathaniel Gonzales of Oxford, UK. It was taken on his Canon EOS 400D, using a Sigma 70-300mm lens and an ultra-fast exposure of 1/4000th of a second at f/5.6 and 400 ISO.

We received another great photo of a bird collecting nesting material, this time a common House Sparrow, sent in by Owen Burke of Denbighshire in North Wales, and taken on his Nikon D200 using a 70-200mm lens. "It was fantastic to watch as they meticulously wound up the strands into little bundles and then flew off, to presumably the most luxurious sparrow's nest ever constructed."

Surprisingly that was pretty much it for the good bird photos, but at least we received a good photo of some camels, courtesy of regular entrant Partha Pal of West Bengal, India. It's also the first photo that takes the theme literally, since these are working animals. Says Partha: "This photograph was taken at Pushkar Fair on November 2008. The camel is utilized for transportation and many other purposes in our country." Partha took the photo using his Canon EOS 30D with a 70-300mm lens and an exposure of 1/400th of a second at f/8.


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