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Photo Competition - May Results

I do love old cars (I can't afford a new one!) so this shot from regular entrant Nick Board of Reading, UK caught my eye. It's a nice shot of the dashboard of an old MG that Nick found at Brooklands Museum, although I'm darned if I can tell which model it is. The hand-colouring and subtle use of filters has added a dreamy nostalgic atmosphere that suits the subject well. Nick used an old Canon PowerShot Pro 1 to take the photo.

TrustedReviews is read by people all over the world, and so we get photo competition entries from many different places. This superbly atmospheric shot was sent in by Sidharth Sharath of New Bombay, India. Sidharth explains "This photo that I'm sending has been clicked near my place. It's been there for ever, but hardly anyone knows of it. The caption I had originally kept for this was "Beauty lies in places where you least expect it to be." As you can see, there is a small bricked path on two sides that connects this house with land. The narrow brick road is literally open! I clicked this photo with my Olympus mju 840. Eagerly waiting for the results!"

If we gave a prize for the most consistently brilliant entrant it would undoubtedly go to the extremely talented Csaba Meszaros of Leamington Spa, UK. He's already won several prizes in previous months, so I hope he won't be too disappointed to be pipped at the post this time, despite this fantastic shot taken with his Sony Alpha A700 and 500mm f/8 reflex telephoto lens. I've actually got that same lens in for testing at the moment, but I haven't managed to take anything this good with it.


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