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Photo Competition - May Results

I like to see a bit of humour in photographs, so this excellent shot from Nick Tsiatinis of Barwell, Leicestershire was very welcome. Nick explains: "This is just one of those random shots you take that ends up coming out quite nicely! My sister bought me this VW Beetle piggybank for Christmas a couple of years back and I'd been looking at trying to find a way of taking a decent pic of it. For no apparent reason I thought of placing it on one of the yellow lines outside my house and getting a quick pic of it with my Olympus E420 and 35mm Macro lens. This is the result - which my wife tells me reminds her of ‘Follow the Yellow Brick Road'!"

And before anybody asks, yes we know this shot has already appeared on the BBC website.

Modifying pictures using editing software is expressly permitted in the rules of the competition, and every month we get a few pictures that have been quite heavily altered, such as this one from Jon McGovern of Breadsall, Derby. Jon says "I took this photo with my Fujifilm S5800 bridge camera. It is actually a photomontage (if you hadn't already guessed). I added the birds, as well as the lighting, in post production and smashed the car window, making it look a bit more realistic by adding powdered glass on the ground. And, of course, I edited the number plate." It's a good effort, but I can't help wishing that he'd started with a more interesting image.

Sometimes finding the humour of a situation needs no more than the click of a shutter. Molteni Gaetano of Bosisio Parini, Italy, snapped this shot in the desert of Namibia. However the apparent irony of a sign warning of bending roads in the middle of a trackless desert is tempered somewhat by the knowledge that it marks the location of an abandoned city that has been consumed by the expansion of the desert. Molteni captured the shot on a Nikon D70s with a Nikon 70-300mm VR lens.


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