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Photo Competition - May Results

When one thinks of the open road, one inevitably thinks of cars, and few are more iconic than the Mini, especially with the eye-catching Union Flag roof. Paul Johnston of Dukinfield, Cheshire has used his Mini as the subject of this moody roadscape, using Adobe Photoshop Elements to enhance the colour and make it stand out against the bleak moorland background.

Another car photo is this simple but nicely composed shot from Renny McGregor of Renfrewshire, Scotland. Renny used a Canon EOS 350D with Canon EF-S 10-22mm at 22mm, ISO 400, F11, 1/200th sec. "The photo was processed in Corel Photopaint X3 - a little bit of cloning to remove distractions, selective colour boosts to get better definition of the red car and make the landscape more vivid, then cropped, sharpened and reduced. The scene is a road over the top of the island of Arran - late May before the tourist season kicks in. I've no idea what sort of car it is, but I thought it looked pretty cool." I consider myself a bit of a car buff, and I have no idea what it is either. Anyone recognise it?

Motorsport is always an exciting subject, and the thrills and spills of rally racing make a great photographic subject, as demonstrated here by David de Medina Rodriguez of Asturias, Spain. Unfortunately I know next to nothing about this shot, apart from the fact that the car is a Mk.2 Ford Escort, and the race is the 2009 Rally Villa de Tineo. Oh, and it appears to be a yellow-tinted duotone.


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