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Photo Competition - May Results


Digital Photography Competition - May Results

I've been back from my holiday for a week now, and I've had time to sift through the entries for last month's photography competition, themed "The Open Road". As usual the standard of the entries was, with only a few exceptions, very high. There were many imaginative interpretations of the theme, and some superb photos from our regular entrants and many promising newcomers.

As ever, there were several sub-themes that showed up in multiple entries, and by far the most common was the "vanishing point" shot looking down a long, straight, flat road. We don't have many roads like that here in the UK, so most of them came from our overseas entrants or at least from Brits on holiday. One of the best of this type was taken by regular entrant James Wilson of Northampton, UK, on the road to Mount Cook, New Zealand. He used his Canon EOS 400D with a 10-22mm ultra-wide angle zoom lens, and a polarizing filter to enhance the sky.

Another similar picture was this gorgeous landscape shot from Ajay Bhadresa from Manchester UK, coincidentally also taken in New Zealand, this time in Wanaka. Ajay used an Olympus E-410 with a 17-42mm lens.

Another vanishing point shot from a Brit abroad is this photo of a snow-covered Central Park in New York, taken by another regular entrant and past prize winner Steve Ayres of Shipley, West Yorkshire. It's actually an HDR image, made up of three separate exposures.


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