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Photo Competition - June Results

A rather more artistic interpretation of typical holiday activities is provided by Arto Saukko of Oulu, Finland. Arto explains: "The pic was taken a few weeks ago by the shores of the lake Saimaa in Savonlinna, Finland. The summer was just beginning and the sun was shining when me and my girlfriend were at the beach. The water was still just a bit too cold to swim so we settled for walking on the wet sand. The Camera used here was my dear Sony A300 with the Sony 18-70mm kit lens."

We have another waterside scene from the far north next, this time from Karen Chappell of St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada. This colourful photo of a pair of small starfish was taken on a Canon EOS 300D with a 100mm macro lens.

One of the best tourist attractions in Europe is only about seventy miles from here. The amazing Eden Project near St Austell in Cornwall is well worth a visit if you're in the area, as Louise Garbutt of Oldham, Greater Manchester discovered. "I had wanted to go to the Eden Project since it opened, but being from the North East then moving to the North West, it was never going to be a day trip. Anyway, we managed to get down there for a week's holiday, and all it did was rain! Even on the way to the Eden Project it rained, but when we got there the sun broke out and we had a fantastic day. I think the Sun definitely makes this picture." Louise took this picture on her Samsung Digimax S500 compact camera.


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