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Photo Competition - July Results

Just as important as great timing is careful camera positioning, ably demonstrated here by regular entrant and previous prize winner Rita Kecskes of Budapest, Hungary. Says Rita: "These block buildings, built in the 30's with small appartments of low comfort, are still quite common in downtown. From their tiny inner yard you can see a bit of the sky, captured here with a Konica-Minolta Dynax 7D camera."

Combining timing and positioning will produce a great shot, as shown here by Mark Liebenberg of Preston, Lancashire. Mark explains: "This photo was taken looking up one morning looking up at the tallest building in Hong Kong the 2IFC building. This was the building also used in the Batman movie "Dark Knight". The upper structure looked like claws reaching up at the moon. As this is a Number 2 International Finance Centre I thought in appropriate in today's economic situation. To look up, and reach higher." Mark captured this shot using a Canon EOS 400D with an 80-200mm lens at full zoom, and an exposure of 1/250th at f/7.1.

I'm often impressed by the results that many of our entrants are able to achieve with what most people would consider to be obsolete cameras, proving time and time again that ‘newer' doesn't necessarily mean ‘better'. Marina Varda of Keiraville, NSW, Australia, took this remarkable macro shot of the underside of a wild mushroom (toadstool? Does anyone know the difference?) using a Casio Exilim EX-Z57, a larger-screened variant of one of the first cameras I reviewed for TR, back in 2005. The exposure was 1/60th sec at f/3.1.

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