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Photo Competition - July Results

As well as the right equipment and the skill to use it properly, getting great pictures also needs patience and a little bit of luck. Cristina Costache, of Carciumaresti, Romania, clearly has both, and the result is this perfectly timed shot of a passenger jet crossing in front of the full moon. Cristina says: "The photo was made after around two hours of waiting on a nice spring night. I am proud of this photo, even if it could be considered a mediocre photo, because it is one of my first photos with this camera. I am sure that there will be better photos, but sometimes the game is more important than winning. The photo was made using a Fujifilm S700, ISO64, with 1/320 exposure time." The S700 is the localised name for the FinePix S5700 super-zoom.

If you don't have that kind of luck, the only alternative is to make your own, which is what Graham Chance of Oldbury, West Midlands, has done. Rather than wait for three seagulls to fly over, he shot the same bird three times on a boat trip to the island of Skomer off the Pembrokeshire Coast. He then skilfully pasted the three shots together with the striking result that you can see below.

Last month we featured a photo taken on film and then digitised using a scanner, which is a great way to combine the advantages of both technologies. We've got another example this month from Rahul Bhatnagar, who's just down the road from me in Plymouth. He took this picture looking up inside a hot air balloon on a Nikon F801 SLR with a Nikkor f/3.3-4.5 35-70mm lens.

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