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Photo Competition - January Results

Good photography isn't only about clever camera angles and depth of field, it's also about capturing the emotions of those fleeting moments in life that cannot be caught in any other way, which is why we use photographs to record all the important events in out lives. Sandipan Majumdar of Kolkata, India, has captured just such a moment here. Sandipan says: "This picture was taken at a cemetery, where the man came with his new-born son for prayer of his father who had died recently. I think, here, the relation of grandfather and grandson shows the "Ends and the beginning"." Sandipan used his Nikon D90 with an 18-105mm VR lens and an exposure of 1/320th at f/4.8.

Another of life's significant moments was caught here by Anatol Just of London, UK. Anatol says "The photo of my friends daughter holding my finger was taken with my Canon G9 in Macro mode, (handheld) and slightly tweaked to increase the contrast and levels." Exposure was 1/60th at f/3.2, and adorability was set to maximum.

Another picture of new life beginning is this fantastic macro photo from last month's winner Rita Kecskes of Budapest. I wish I could show the picture in a larger size so you could see the incredibly intricate detail. Rita has used a Konica-Minolta Dynax 7D with a f/2.8 90mm macro lens at f13, with an external flashgun.

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