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Photo Competition - January Results

Another popular sub-theme was the border between land and water, as in this peaceful scene shot by Philip Colclough of Stoke-On-Trent, while visiting Coniston Water in Cumbria. Philip used the powerful 12x zoom lens on his Sony H2 bridge camera to make this great composition.

Staying with the water's edge we have this atmospheric shot from Theo van Stratum of Alnwick, Northumberland, UK, who tells me it was taken on Amble beach when a storm was approaching. Theo used his Nikon D50 with a 24-80mm zoom, and is one of the few people ever to send in a shot like this with a nice level horizon, so well done for that. Others please take note.

Another sort of border with water is the theme of this humorous photo from Philippe Roelants of Herentals, Belgium, who was one of our winners last month. Says Philippe "…I was looking for a good subject for "ends and beginnings" in the meaning of "time", such as an old and young person together, but I could almost only think of things that would better fit in a passed theme "Old and new". Then it occurred in me that you can also interpret the theme in a visual way; like the end and beginning of a subject, so I came up with this picture! A surprised goose on a frozen pond, taken with my 40D."

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