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Digital Photo Competition - February Results

One type of long-exposure shot that was under-represented this month was hand-held panning shots, perhaps not too surprising since they're very hard to do well. One person not afraid to give it a try was Paul Atcliffe of Asnieres sous Bois, France. He took this shot of the Fantasia Morocco, a spectacular show staged by Berber horsemen near Al'Jadida. I've seen this show myself and I have to say that Paul's photo is better than any I managed to take. He has used a Nikon D80 with a Sigma 70-200mm lens, hand-holding an exposure of about half a second. I suspect he has also brightened some of the colours in post-processing. The result is superb.

Another unusual long-exposure effect is this image from Simon Jackson of Bolton, another regular entrant who was also one of our featured finalists last month. Simon clearly likes to experiment, this time with the effects of flash on a long exposure. "Typically movement in a long exposure shot might be represented by trails of blur. However, I decided to turn this idea on its head a bit for this shot, and use the flash to freeze frames of fast movement during a 25 second exposure. The night-shot-style horizon serves as a nice reminder that the exposure is so long, in an otherwise dark environment. My brother kindly agreed to be my model for this one." Simon has used a Nikon D300, a 24-70mm lens and an SB600 external flash unit.

I have to admit that I'd not thought of using long exposure shots with HDR, but Tom Acciarini of Lewes, UK has tried it with strange and impressive results. I'll let Tom explain his picture: "This shot is an HDR composite of several long exposure shots, the spheres (one glass and one black marble), the magnifying lens and the Dandelions as well as their seeds were set up in the darkness and illuminated by the light from sparks. Shot with a Pentax K100D on a tripod, and about a 15 second exposure time."

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