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Digital Photo Competition - February Results

Water can also provide some nice long-exposure effects, such as in this atmospheric shot from another of our Hungarian readers, Balázs Szabó of Veszprém. Shooting with his Canon EOS 40D, Balázs has used a 30-second exposure at f/13 to smooth out the ripples in this pond and create an eerie, misty look in the early morning.

Another great shot here from one of our most regular contributors and a previous prize winner several times over, the very talented Csaba Meszaros of Leamington Spa, UK. Csaba has used a half-second exposure and macro focusing to capture this fascinating close-up of the surface of a glass of water a few seconds after dropping in an effervescent tablet, making the water fizz.

A more conventional shot of moving water, but no less effective and beautifully executed is this picture from another regular entrant and featured finalist, Harry Fowler of Bristol, UK. Harry explains: "This, like my previous mantis photo, was taken whilst on a walk in Switzerland. I was planning to take some long exposure photos anyway as we were surrounded by small rapids. However, I saw this lovely clearing to a waterfall so I set the shutter speed to around two seconds, perched it on a rock (I forgot my tripod) and released the shutter. I love the colours from the rocks and the smooth flow of the falls. This was taken with my Fuji Finepix S9600."


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