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Digital Photo Competition - February Results

Car lights are also featured in this excellent shot from Radu Damian, our second entrant this month from the beautiful Hungarian capital city, Budapest. Looking across the Danube and the Széchenyi Chain Bridge towards St. Stephen's Basilica, Radu has used a shutter speed of around 15 seconds to blur the car lights into lines and also to bring out all the city lights reflecting in the river. Unfortunately he has neglected to mention what sort of camera he's used, but the size of the picture suggests 10MP compact.

Long exposures can have some odd effects in urban environments, as demonstrated by Anatol Just of London, who was also one of our featured finalists last month. I'll let Anatol explain: "The attached photograph was taken with my Canon G9 with a light blocking filter during the day at lunchtime in Great Eastern Street, in London's East End. Anyone who knows that area would have seen how busy it is there during the day. An exposure of 15 seconds was enough to remove nearly all traces of cars and the people that were walking on this street."

Another picture of London, this time from Steve Tobin, of Slough in Berkshire. For this unusual night-time shot of the London Eye landmark, Steve has used a 30-second exposure on his Fujifilm S9600, but has zoomed in half way through the exposure, resulting in the striking radial lines. It's original, and looks fantastic.


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