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Photography Competition - Results

Fireworks are traditionally used to celebrate events, especially the start of a new year, so it's no surprise that we received quite a few firework photos. They are notoriously difficult to photograph well, so hats off to Jake Wild of Manchester, UK, for this unusually cropped but eye-catching picture, which was taken on Guy Fawkes Night here in Britain, when we celebrate a failed act of domestic terrorism by blowing stuff up and starting fires.

Another firework shot is this photo of sparklers on a Christmas tree, taken by Peter Papp of Balatonalmádi, on the shore of Lake Balaton in Hungary. "I took this one after our regular Christmas eve's family dinner, just when my Mom lit the first sparkler on the Christmas tree. It's my first festive season with my fairly-newly bought Sony Alpha 200 DSLR, and I'm pretty much impressed with its capabilities." Sounds like a bit of a fire risk to me, but it makes for a good photograph.

At first glance I thought that this photo from regular competition entrant Oliver Bock-Brown was also of fireworks, but it's actually lights on a Christmas tree, blurred by deliberate camera movement on an 8-second exposure. The dotted lines are the trails of LED lights, which flicker at a high frequency.


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