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Digital Photography Competition – August Results

Another regular entrant and one of our winners from last year was the extremely talented Darren Athersmith, of Askam in Furness, Cumbria UK, who sent in this gorgeous sunset beach shot. Darren has used a wide-angle lens to capture the scene just a few minutes before the sun vanishes over the horizon, and the resulting warm light is very beautiful. It’s a pity the horizon isn’t quite straight, but it’s still a stunning shot.

I intended the theme to produce some variety, but this fantastic wildlife shot from Myra Stokes of Chesham, Buckinghamshire UK, was an unexpected bonus. Myra has used a 250mm lens on her Nikon D50, equivalent to approximately 375mm, to get in close to this beautiful but rarely-seen otter. Myra didn’t say if it was in the wild or at a zoo, but either way it’s a lovely shot.

I might have to add a clause to the rules asking our entrants for a brief description of their photos, because I’d love to know more about this excellent sepia-toned image from Steve Ayres of Shipley, UK. I guess it wasn’t taken in Britain, but other than that I have no idea where it is or how it was taken.

Although there’s no wood in this next shot there is stone and water, and I love the composition, the lighting and the excellent use of selective blurring. It is the work of Nathaniel Gonzales of Oxford, UK.

Another regular entrant and former winner from last year is Chris Mole of Danehill, West Sussex, UK. Chris took this slightly abstract composition using his Canon EOS 40D on Climping beach near Arundel in Sussex. Exposure was 1/200th of a second at f/10.

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