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Digital Photography Competition – August Results

Wood, stone and water are all natural elements, so not surprisingly there were a lot of landscape shots this month. Some were more unusual than others though, such as this surreal scene from Oliver Bock-Brown from Norwich, Norfolk, UK. Oliver is another regular entrant from last year, and is another photographer using a relatively low-spec compact camera to great effect, taking this photo on a Samsung Digimax i6.

Another photographer using a compact camera, albeit a rather more sophisticated model, is Sheila Creed, from Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, UK. Sheila used a Canon PowerShot S3 IS to take this shot, framing the landscape in this elegant ruined arch. It’s a nicely balanced composition with great lighting and colour.

Another gorgeous landscape shot, and one which get several votes, was this great photo of Loch Lubnaig in Scotland sent in by Julian McDonald, who despite his name and choice of subject, actually lives in Llansannan, Conwy, Wales. Julian used a Sony Alpha A100 DSLR with an 11mm lens to capture this ultra-wide-angle scene, but has still managed to keep the horizon perfectly flat.

Of the many landscape shots we received my personal favourite was this brilliant picture from Gethin Lane, of Leeds, UK. Gethin is another regular entrant from last year. For this shot he’s stitched together six vertical-format shots taken on his Nikon D80 into a single stunning wide-angle panorama. It’s one of the best examples of this technique I’ve seen. The scene is in Snowdonia National Park in Wales.

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