Photo Competition - August Results

One of the great things about going through all the entries to our photo competition is seeing shots from regular entrants, and the different approaches they take to the varied themes. Nick Tsiatinis of Barwell, Leicestershire was one of the finalists in our May competition themed "The Open Road" with an amusing and nicely shot close-up, while for this month's theme he's turned his hand to landscape photography with this gorgeous sunset shot. Nick explains: "This photo was one of the first taken with my new Canon 500D and kit 18-55 IS lens. I'd had the camera a couple of days and was keen to try it out and compare it against my soon to be departing E420. The local farmers had just harvested and baled the local fields so I took a walk just before sunset to see what I could capture. The power of nature is abundant in this photo - the sun and clouds providing light, heat and water to grow the crop, and the crop itself which will eventually make its way into our food, providing us with the energy and nutrition we need to live."

Another regular contestant and previous prize winner is the very talented Rita Kecskes of Budapest, Hungary, who this month has managed to capture the rotation of the planet with a long-exposure sky shot. In fact the picture is a composite of several exposures skilfully combined, and the result is this superb image.

Although he'll have to go a few more months to catch up with Rita, Wayne Shipley of Otley, Leeds is certainly proving he's got the talent with this excellent submission. Wayne was also a finalist last month with an outstanding urban shot. Wayne describes his photo: "The Power of Nature gouging deep crevices through the limestone pavement some as deep as knee height. Isolated against all the elements, yet surviving in its own very special unique way this lonely tree has witnessed all the elements thrown at it." He took the shot on his Canon EOS 30D with an 18-55mm lens, 1/160th at f/7.1 and ISO100.

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