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Photo Competition - April Results

I'm a little jealous of this next photo. It was shot in one of my favourite locations, the beach at Budleigh Salterton in Devon, not far from where I live. I must have photographed these very same boats dozens of times, but Nathaniel Gonzales of Oxford has done a better job of it than I've managed so far, with this perfectly exposed and nicely balanced monochrome composition. He shot it on a Canon EOS 400D with a 17-55mm lens.

Black and white photography is also ideal for capturing fine detail, as shown here by Renny McGregor of Renfrewshire, Scotland. He's captured an impressive extreme close-up of this dandelion head using a simple Canon IXUS 800 IS pocket compact in macro mode. "This is a dandelion head, just a weed but the structure close up is stunning. I've taken quite a few "weedy" close-ups, the macro on the IXUS 800 IS is so good you can poke the lens inside the fluffy dandelion heads and take pics of the seeds radiating from the centre. This particular shot was taken in colour and then given an extreme level boost in Corel Photopaint X3 before being converted to mono and cropped to a square."

The last of our runners-up is this beautiful shot from Simon Buck of Bungay, Suffolk, UK. It's a portrait of a Griffon Vulture taken with a Canon EOS 1D Mk3 DSLR, with a 100-400mm L f4.5-5.6 lens, a truly impressive bit of kit. Unfortunately the small picture displayed here doesn't do full justice to the amount of detail in the original, but you can see the perfect exposure and the precise use of depth of field, clearly the work of a very skilled photographer.


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