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Photo Competition - April Results

Good black and white photography is all about light, shade, texture and composition, something which is ably demonstrated by this superb shot from Dave Radcliffe of Northhamptonshire, UK. Says Dave: "It was shot at Kirby Hall in Northamptonshire. I was trying a few different techniques, this was shot indoors obviously. I then adjusted it with levels and curves and then added some diffuse glow to give it an infra red effect to make it more ethereal. I shot three exposures…and combined them using Paint Shop Pro HDR function." Dave used a Canon EOS 40D with a Tokina 12-24mm f4 lens set at 12mm for the ultra-wide-angle effect.

Another fine example of using black and white to capture light comes from one of our regular entrants, the very talented Myra Stokes of Buckinghamshire, UK. Getting up early in the morning has paid off with this wonderfully atmospheric shot taken in Ashridge, near Berkhamsted. Myra used her Nikon D50 with an 18-55mm lens at f/4.2.

Another regular entrant putting the techniques of black and white photography to good use is Richard Koizumi, who like Simon Wear on the previous page hails from St. Albans. The black and white stripes of the pedestrian crossing work both as an element within the composition, and as part of the theme of the competition. I don't know much else about this photo, but based on some of Richard's previous entries I'm guessing that it's probably shot in Tokyo.


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