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Photo Competition - April Results

Black and white has always been a popular choice for architectural photography, and this next shot, from Andy Morgan of Bridgewater, shows why. This excellent photo, which arrived just in the nick of time for this month's competition, has a wonderful timeless quality to it. Apart from the modern cars on the street, it could have been taken at any time in the past century. Andy has used a Panasonic LX2 compact camera in 16:9 format, with a red filter to darken and emphasise the sky.

Another striking architectural shot is this one from Simon Weaire of St. Albans, UK, making the cut on his third entry to our competition. It's the Reading Room in the British Museum, and its unusual roof has proved to be a popular subject for photographers, because I've seen several very similar shots before. However Simon has captured it perfectly, with a nice balanced exposure and good composition. Proving that you don't need a fancy camera to take good photos, Simon used a Kodak Z885 8MP 5x zoom compact, with an exposure of 1/200th at f/3.1.

Csaba Meszaros of Leamington Spa, UK, has become one of our most regular entrants, and has repeatedly demonstrated that he is an exceptionally skilled photographer, including previously winning our top prize. This month he turns his hand to black and white photography and again shows his talent, with this superb composition of light and shadow taken from beneath a translucent walkway at an airport.


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