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Wet Weather Survival


Digital Photography Tutorial - Wet Weather Survival

If there's one thing we know about here in England, it's rain. From November through to May (or August, if next year is anything like last), we'll be lucky if we get two days in a row when it doesn't rain at least once. This is a problem for owners of digital cameras, because as with most electronic gadgets, cameras and water don't mix.

There are some exceptions. Some cameras are waterproof, such as the Pentax W-series or the Olympus mju SW series, while others are at least weatherproof, but the vast majority of digital cameras are best kept out of the rain. This means that for half the year, people living in the wetter areas of the world can't use their cameras outdoors without the risk of ruining them. Fortunately there are a number of possible options to overcome this difficulty.


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