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Protect and survive


Digital camera care and cleaning

Despite continually falling prices a good digital camera is still a sizeable investment, so it’s a good idea to look after it. Cameras get used in all sorts of situations, and are prone to getting dirty and damaged if not properly cared for, which can seriously degrade their performance. Even weatherproof models such as the Olympus mju Digital or Pentax Optio W-series need to be cleaned and protected.

Look after your camera

If you’ve just spent £200 on a nice new digital compact, spend an extra £10 and get protective case or belt pouch for it, especially if you’re planning to use it outdoors a lot. A small investment now can save you a lot of money replacing a damaged camera later. Get one with a secure belt loop and a zip or Velcro closure as these are a lot harder for pickpockets to get into than the type with easy-open magnetic closures. A pocket for spare memory cards or batteries is also a useful feature.

If you’re buying a digital SLR kit, then a good camera bag is almost essential. There are many different styles to choose from, so get one that suits both the size of your kit and your type of photography, as well as offering a good level of protection. It should certainly be rainproof, and a zip closure to keep out dust, sand and snow is also a good idea. Some have separate pull-over rain covers for extra weather protection.

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