DFI LanParty UT RDX200 CF-DR

Next up, I tried to install Half-Life 2 which kept crashing randomly during the installation, a problem I’ve not had on any other platform. As such I decided to go back to something simpler, namely PCMark 2005. This would run, but none of the 3D tests completed, with or without CrossFire. There is little point in mentioning any benchmark figures here as the tests that finished don’t really show off the platform as a whole.

Having got to this stage I must admit that I threw in the towel and moved on. The DFI motherboard may be here but from our experiences it seems that CrossFire as a working platform is still some way off. I can only hope that DFI finds a way of sorting these problems out and we will be looking at other CrossFire boards in the future from other manufacturers and hopefully they’ll have ironed out the problems.

As it stands it’s impossible to recommend the DFI RDX200 CF-DR as it’s just not working well enough and at £151.58 it is also an expensive board considering that you can get the new dual x16 slot SLI boards for similar money. Due to the issues experienced and the fact that this is not a retail ready product we’ve decided not to score it. This is not something we would normally do, but we feel that it would be wrong to score something that didn’t work as intended.


Our initial enthusiasm on seeing a retail CrossFire motherboard was dampened by problems we had running our 3D tests. As such we feel that the DFI RDX200 CF-DR seems to be something of a consumer experiment and isn’t really ready to hit the shelves as yet.

In addition, it’s not cheap and as you can only get X850 series CrossFire master cards it is, as yet, not an investment worthy of your hard earned cash.

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