Boston Acoustics Speakers

Taking pride of place in Boston’s latest speaker line-up is the A-Series, which is the latest incarnation of the range that made Boston famous after it was founded in 1979. It aims to set a reference in its class, described by Boston as ‘a perfect fusion of contemporary European design with best-in-class acoustical engineering’.

The range includes the mighty A360 floorstanding front speakers, which use Boston’s proprietary Kortec soft dome tweeter, as well as new mid-range and bass drivers fashioned from ceramic/glass fibre polymer cones and magnets that use Boston’s Deep Channel design. But the most interesting part from a construction point of view is the cabinet design – Boston has fitted it with several unique features, including an angled solid bottom bracing, which avoids standing waves that can adversely affect the acoustics, as well as improving the overall rigidity of the cabinet, which helps bass performance. Circular top plate bracing additionally minimises vibrations, while the tubular mid-range enclosure separates the most sensitive frequency range from the rest of the construction.

On the outside meanwhile you can pick from a high-gloss black, Satin Cherry or the gorgeous-looking white finish. Prices range from £149 a pair for the A23 to £719 for the A360, while Boston’s subwoofers, the ASW250 and ASW650, will set you back £279 and £459 respectively. The A225 centre retails for £189.

On the budget end of the scale, Boston has also unveiled a compact speaker system, the A 2310 HTS. Made up of four A23 satellites, a dedicated A223 centre and the ASW250 sub, this system will set you back a reasonable-sounding £599.

This system is backed up by two new soundbars, the £229 TVee25 and the £449 TVee30. Both feature Dolby Digital decoding with virtual surround processing, a 3.5mm aux input for MP3 players plus movie and music modes. They also learn your existing TV remote codes, which means you don’t have an extra zapper cluttering up the coffee table. The step-up TVee30 adds a three-channel speaker configuration in a two-way design, with a dedicated mid/bass driver and tweeter per channel, and offers Bluetooth music streaming.

Finally Boston Acoustics offers a range of three SoundWare ultra-compact speaker systems, which are available in three different sizes – XS (8 x 8cm), S (10 x 10cm) and Original (12 x 12cm). The XS package costs £409 and comes with five satellites and a mini sub, while a special edition out in August costs the same but is available in a high-gloss white finish.

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